I Can’t

“Can’t” is a funny word.
It means you CANnot do something.
Definition? “Not have the ability, power, or skill to.”
But have you ever said you “can’t” do the dishes?
Or you “can’t” run any farther?
Or you “can’t” clean right now?
The word is used so carelessly that it loses its’ power.
People take you less seriously when you say you “can’t” do something.
They assume you mean you don’t want to.
You have the ability, but you chose not to utilize the power.
But there are times when I really can’t.
I just can’t do it.
I just can't do life.
I literally just can’t.
When I say I can’t get out of bed, I mean it.
When I say I can’t get myself to shower, I mean it.
When I say I can’t remember to take my medicine, I mean.
When I say I can’t help my random meltdowns and episodes, I mean it.
But people don’t take me seriously.
They assume my depression and anxiety is an excuse.
That I am able to do these things, but simply choose not to.
I wish they could understand that wasn’t the case.
That I wish more than anything that I could do these things, but I can’t.
That I wish I could say I CAN.
But life doesn't work that way.
And some days, I just cant.

Author: Lizzie

I am the one you never really knew.

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